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At MareCet, we firmly believe science should be used to help inform the decision-making process . To that end, we have, and will continue to, use our own research findings and that of our colleagues worldwide, to effect positive changes in how our marine environment is managed. Since our establishment, MareCet has been actively advocating for improvements within the environmental policy framework at various levels of governance nationally and at relevant platforms internationally.

Our team’s familiarity of the issues plighting the marine environment have enabled us to provide valuable insights to a diverse range of policy instruments ranging from local area management plans to national biodiversity-related policies, to designation of international areas of conservation importance. Our close relationships with stakeholders have provided us with the understanding of the ‘on-the-ground’ issues enabling us to drive a conservation balance between environmental and societal needs.

In recognition of our contributions over the years, our team members have had the honour of being invited to serve in various national and international scientific, conservation, ethics, and other technical committees. We strive to use our position within these committees to help address the marine conservation issues that our society faces today. Our involvements in key policy-related activities include the following:

Policy Consultation and Development

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