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At MareCet, we believe in the power of education and knowledge transfer as the vehicle to create positive impact and change within society for our natural environment. It is important to us that our scientific findings and specialised expertise are translated and shared with a wide audience, which has led us to develop several marine education and outreach programmes for local schoolchildren and the general public. These are:

Sea, Science and Schools Marine Education Programme

At MareCet we believe in the power of education and knowledge transfer, and the importance of applying our scientific knowledge to a wide audience. Our Sea, Science and Schools Marine Education Programme was developed for those very reasons. The programme is targeted at national primary and secondary school students in Peninsular Malaysia, where we share knowledge about our work on marine mammals in the country and raise awareness about the importance of our seas and marine ecosystems, as well as marine conservation issues. We incorporate a variety of activities including lectures, educational games, hands-on workshops and outdoor field trips in this marine education programme to provide a fun and interactive learning experience for the students, within and beyond the four walls of a classroom. Through this programme, we hope to generate the interest for ocean stewardship and conservation awareness amongst the young generations in the hopes of further inspiring them to be more involved in local marine conservation efforts. We hope to build the next generation of Malaysian ocean lovers and a civic-minded society that values nature and understands its importance for our long-term survival and well-being.


If you have an interest for MareCet to have a Sea, Science and Schools programme at your primary or secondary school, do contact us for a discussion.

Whales On-The-Wheels Marine Education Mobile Event

MareCet started the Whales On-The-Wheels Marine Education Mobile Event in 2019, aimed at improving public understanding for our marine environment and promoting marine conservation through our interactive mobile ‘Whale Truck’. The 'Whale Truck' is furnished with various learning stations - a mini marine laboratory, marine mammal photo gallery and information sharing corner, 'Be A Dolphin Researcher' experience corner, marine debris nightmare learning corner, photo booth and kids colouring corner to share information on different marine topics. It is our dream to get our ‘Whale Truck’ to tour around different places in Peninsular Malaysia and “bring the ocean” to people, including school students, local communities and the general public, in order to raise awareness and spark their interest and appreciation for our marine biodiversity, the ocean and its resources. 


If you are interested to sponsor our Whales On-The-Wheels Marine Education Mobile Event, kindly contact us to initiate a discussion and for more information.

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