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A Day Out With Dolphins and Dolphin Researchers at Kuala Sepetang, Perak

Join our team on this one-day guided boat trip in search of dolphins along the coast of Matang, learn about our local dolphins and MareCet’s research work, and experience how dolphin research is conducted at one of our project sites in Perak! The Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve is known to be one of the best-managed mangrove forests in the world, and participants get to take a closer look at the forest and catch a glimpse of other wildlife including egrets, kingfishers, lesser adjutant storks, river otters, and wild boars. Additionally, being on this trip means  a chance to visit the sleepy yet vibrant fishing village of Kuala Sepetang, estimated to be more than 200 years old, as well as the charcoal factories in the area that produced some of the best quality charcoal in Malaysia. 


We organize private group trips for families and friends, corporate and student groups too (see ‘Private Excursions’ below for more information)!

Pulau Sibu Nature Excursion

Pulau Sibu in Johor is a tropical paradise, home to endangered dugongs, site of an ancient volcano (yes, you read that right - volcano!), and is where coconut trees rustle in the sea breeze that blows in from offshore. We want to share the beauty of Pulau Sibu and our work in the area with you in an engaging, intriguing and educational manner through this excursion. The island is where we have been conducting our dugong research and conservation work since 2014. It is the only place in Peninsular Malaysia where dugongs are still reliably found, therefore we deem the area as a last stronghold for these gentle sea cows. Pulau Sibu is still relatively undeveloped, hence a lot of its original beauty is still preserved. It is also one of the last few islands in Peninsular Malaysia where traditional kampungs (villages) and kampung living still exist. On this excursion, we engage the local islanders in their services, providing them with a livelihood income, tapping also into their local ecological and cultural knowledge of the area. We will also reach into our scientific knowledge based on the research we've been conducting in the area to share information with you throughout this guided excursion. Activities included in this excursion include snorkeling, dugong watching, kampung lifestyle tour, jungle trekking, and free and easy beach time. 


Our original excursion package is 4D3N, but the duration and activities are customizable to suit different requirements of our participants who may prefer a private group trip (see ‘Private Excursions’ below for more information).

The Blue Classroom

The Blue Classroom by MareCet is a marine educational programme designed for student groups and families with kids. The Blue Classroom is led by real-life marine scientists from our team and focuses on exposing participants to the realm of marine environment around us by providing hands-on learning experiences on marine mammals and marine-related topics which are beyond regular school syllabuses. The Blue Classroom comprises outdoor boat trips (focusing on dolphins in Langkawi Island or dugongs in Sibu Island), intertidal exploration, scientific field activities, and interactive indoor lectures and game sessions. These activities allow participants to dive into the marine worlds and learn about marine mammals and their ecology, different marine life and marine ecosystems, as well as to understand the marine conservation issues facing our oceans in this modern day.


The Blue Classroom is also customizable based on participants’ needs and requirements, including the duration of the programme, types of activities and learning topics (see ‘Private Excursions’ below for more information).

Private Excursions

We also offer private group trips for our above mentioned excursions. To organize a private excursion, kindly let us know your intended trip date(s)/period in order for us to advise on the suitable date(s) for the excursion based on our team’s availability, and tidal and weather conditions. Note that there will be a minimum and maximum number of participants per excursion, depending on the type of excursion. Price also differs, depending on the type of excursion. Contact us to find out more!


For any enquiries regarding our excursions, contact us at or +6018 345 3915. 


Follow us on Excursions Facebook page for more news and updates on our excursions and announcement of excursion dates and bookings.

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