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Delve into the depths of marine magic with our 'Fintastic Marine Mammals and Where to Find Them?' Kid's Activity Book – and here's the best part: it's absolutely FREE and downloadable! At MareCet, we believe in making marine education accessible to all, and this e-book is our way of sharing the wonders of the ocean with young minds around the world.

Fantastic Marine Mammals.JPG

This book was developed by MareCet, and illustrated by local artist Kok Ching Ying (from 牛勿 anything), with support from the ERM Foundation Malaysia.

Title: ‘Fintastic Marine Mammals and Where to Find Them?’
Edited by: Ng Jol Ern, Louisa Shobhini Ponnampalam, PhD
Illustrated by: Kok Ching Ying
Supported by: The ERM Foundation Malaysia

Year of Publication: 2021

e ISBN: 978-967-25845-1-3 (English)
e ISBN: 978-967-25845-5-1 (BM)

Physical copies of the book are also available for purchase at RM20 each, and may be purchased via The Lil' MareCet Shop on Shopee, or by contacting us at All book proceeds go towards supporting MareCet's research and conservation initiatives.

Download your e-copy here for FREE! We have an English and a Malay version.

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